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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  June 15, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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rampage at this bay area u-p-s facility. tonight we learned what may have set him off.
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good evening, i'm ken bastida. a gunman goes on a murderous rampage at this bay area ups facility. tonight we learn what may have set him off. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. four people are dead including the gunmen, two others wounded and tonight the shooter is identified as ups employee jimmy lam. the gunfire erupted in san francisco at the ups facility in potrero hill. we have team coverage tonight as we learn new details about the gunman and the victims. let's begin with kpix5's betty yu. >> reporter: tonight as investigators try to piece together a clear motive, people have been stopping by the ups warehouse to leave flowers and candles for the victim. the medical examiner identified two victims as benson louie and wayne chan. i spoke to a friend of theirs
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tonight in mandrin. he said both these men are happy go lucky types that would never hesitate to help someone out. they often visited the massage parlor on fourth avenue where he work. he is shocked by their deaths. he also said he doesn't know the shooter, jimmy lam. turns out lam's home is located on the same block as this massage parlor. tonight one witness to the shooting tells kpix5 that lam was hot headed and had a short temper. for six hours the sprawling ups package delivery warehouse was on lockdown. chopper 5 flew over this san francisco s.w.a.t. team snaking around a ups vehicle. other heavily armed officers got into a single file line against the building and even more marched across the rooftop as a bearcat cruised by. officers swarmed every corner
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of the building in potrero hill because the gunman offed as jimmy lam was still -- identified as jimmy lam was still inside. when they found him, he was armed with an assault pistol. >> stay within our group and wait for the police. >> reporter: on the ground panic spread among some 350 ups employees as they streamed out of the building. the gunman opened fire just before 9:00 as drivers and managers got together for a morning meeting where there is said to be up to 60 people in attendance. >> it was pop, pop, pop, pop, about seven shot just straight, six, seven shots and then he fired at least five to six more outside. >> reporter: marvin calderon works at ups and describes the chaos in the moments after. >> i was just started screaming get out, get out, gunshots, go, go, go! and everybody started running. >> reporter: tonight we've learned from the local ups union that shooter had filed an
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expected overtime grievance over a month ago. it means he felt overworked. it's unclear why he targeted fellow drivers. he started working for ups in 1999. sfpd said as soon as its team made contact with lam, he killed himself. on the street yellow tarps cover two of the four dead. >> the suspect put the gun to his head and discharged the weapon. none of our officers fired. >> reporter: the ups union official says that two of the three people that lam fatally shot, louie and chan, worked with him at the ups center in the sunset. he also added that he knew lam to be someone that got along with people and described him as not a big complainer. live in san francisco betty yu, kpix5. showing the swat team in action today. >> tonight sfpd's historical photographer released these photos on facebook showing the s.w.a.t. team today in action. you can see officers with roofs drawn, some using ups trucks
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for cover. according to court records obtained by the chronicle, the shooter, jimmy lam, does have a criminal history that only involves driving. in 2010 san francisco police say he crashed into parked cars. he was convicted of driving under the influence. he was arrested again for dui three years later. >> here's more information on the deceased, lam, the shooter, plus wayne chan and benson louie both from san francisco. chan was 56 years old, benson. , 46-year-old michael -- been son 46 years old and -- benson 46 years old and michael lafiti and andria borba has more on how he is being remembered tonight. >> reporter: there is a growing memorial here for the people who were along big mike's route. people are mourning his loss and taking in the spectacle of
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those who barely knew him but loved him. >> around him mike is not just a ups guy. he's everyone's friend. >> reporter: big mike lafitti took his breaks in his big brown delivery truck in this diamond heights parking lot. this was his route and his face became a familiar friendly one. >> you would see him in the neighborhood. he'd say hey, mom, i'm coming to the house later. i've got something for you and i was like okay. i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: big mike drew his final breath after getting shot at the ups facility in potrero hills. in his last minutes he was comforted by this stranger, mic mcdonald, who held his hand -- mike mcdonald, who held his hand while he was bleeding onto the concrete. >> he said what he had to say. he loves his family. he loves his children and he didn't do anything to this man, you know. he doesn't understand why he shot him. >> reporter: big mike leaves behind three children including
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two teen averages. in the daly city neighborhood where his -- teenagers. in the daly city neighborhood where his kids live, there was a sense of disbelief. >> i knew him for a while since i was a kid and every time i see him he was always nice, cool dude and he had a lot of respect and love for his familiar and friends. >> reporter: in an era where delivery is a daily way of life, the gentle giant with a big smile who dropped packages off at door steps had grown his family beyond daughters and sons, mothers and fathers to an entire community. >> it's just so sad that it always happens to the nicest people. >> a heart full of sunshine. he didn't deserve this. he didn't deserve this. >> reporter: now in a testament to how much big mike was loved by this community, there are no flowers left inside the safeway in the shopping center. they are all out here. they've been sold and they're sitting at mike's memorial.
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live in diamond heights andria borba, kpix5. >> the ups president for northern california went to that facility earlier and had this to say. f >> this is an ongoing investigation, so at this time i am just going to ask you all to keep us in your prayers at ups and to make sure that we take care of each other. with everyone impacted by >> it even caught the attention of governor jerry brown who tweeted, "our thoughts and prayers are with everything impacted by senseless violence today in san francisco and alexandria." in alexandria, virginia, members of congress came under attack. a gunman ambushed republican lawmakers practicing for a charity baseball game. house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana is in critical condition tonight. also among the wounded, a former congressional aide, a staffer, two capital police
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officers and congressman roger williams of texas. kpix5's sharon chin tells us the shooter held a grudge against the republican party. >> reporter: the gunman opened fire this morning at this ball field in alexandria. >> i heard a loud noise, thought it was a construction site dropping a large piece of metal and then the next thing i heard was run, he's got a gun. >> reporter: witnesses say the gunman approached the fence along the third base line but never got on the field. one of the gunshots struck congressman steve scalise as he stood on second base. >> he drug himself after he'd been shot from near second base about 10 or 15 yards into the field. >> reporter: congressional police returned fire killing the gunman, 66-year-old james hudens of illinois. >> this person was so cowardly. >> reporter: investigators are looking into a motive, but he posted anti- trump sentiments on social media and he
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volunteered for bernie sanders presidential campaign. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. >> i don't think any of us ever think that anything is going to happen and you see something like this and you realize just how much of a sitting duck you can be, especially on an open ball field. >> reporter: president trump called for unity. >> we are strongest when we are unified. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [ applause ] >> reporter: lawmakers say the charity baseball game will go on tomorrow as scheduled. sharon chin, kpix5. >> tonight lawmakers are praising the u.s. capitol police for protecting them. they say if they had not been there, it would have been a massacre. president trump paid a surprise visit to the injured congressman tonight. mr. trump and his wife melania
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left medstar washington hospital center after checking in on representative scalise. tonight the president tweeted this. "representative steve scalise, one of the truly great people, is in very tough shape, but he is a real fighter. pray for steve." tonight investigators are tracing the assault rifle and handgun used in the attack. police believe the gunman lived out of his van in the d.c. suburbs. on facebook recently james hodgkin'sson called president trump a trader. >> i just want to let people know that he wasn't evil, that he was, i guess, tired of some of the politics that are going on. >> in 2006 police arrested hodge kinson for punching a woman in the face and threatening another man in the home with a shotgun. so far investigators found no connection to domestic or international terror groups. how did this deadly london
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high rise fire spread so quickly? a lot of people are asking that question. don't a multi-million dollar -- tonight a multi-million dollar renovation might be to blame. >> this attorney left court a convicted felon and tonight is out of a job. >> the warriors getting ready for tomorrow's championship rally and parade. who are these people?
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embattled district attorney has resigned tonight.. amid a flood of corruption charges.
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mark peterson contra costa county's embattled d.a. resigned tonight amid a flood of corruption charges. mark peterson had no comment for us after pleading no contest to 1 count of felony perjury this afternoon. in exchange a dozen other counts of perjury and grand theft were dropped. peterson admitted to spending more than $66,000 in campaign cash on personal expenses which he never reported. ice. peterson 250 hours of c >> it was sad. it was tragic. here's a man who did a lot of good, but he had a fatal flaw. he had to live a high life and he paid a very, very severe price. >> peterson was sentenced to 250 hours of community service and three years' probation. he has already repaid the money. tonight an arrest has been made in a series of robberies at san jose liquor stores and pharmacies. the suspect was found in the area of alvin avenue and flanagan drive. he tried to evade officers driving through a fence.
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officers eventually took ezekiel zamorah into custody with a juvenile who was with him when 11 crimes took place. it's believed the suspect may have targeted other stores outside san jose. at least 12 people are confirmed dead after a london high rise went up in flame. nearly 80 others were hurt. jonathan vigliotti reports a recent renovation may have sealed their fate. >> reporter: the 24-story building quickly became an inferno trapping people inside. some waved clothing frantically to get attention. >> what floor are you on? seven, yeah? >> reporter: 16-year-old inez and her family escaped from the 13th floor. >> used a flashlight from the window showing the people were
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still at home, people screaming banging on the windows. >> reporter: witnesses watched as desperate parents tried to save their children. >> people dropped their kids. >> kids were actually thrown out of the balcony, people throwing themselves out just so they don't get burned. >> reporter: how high up was it? >> this is high up. >> as high up as past eight. they just wanted someone to grab them. if you can't take me, please save my children. >> reporter: the fire started in an apartment on the foote floor around 1 a.m. 1 -- fourth floor around 1 a.m. one resident described smelling gas. the building had just undergone a multi-million dollar renovation last year including exterior cladding, but authorities fear that cladding may have acted like a chimney spreading the fire quickly up against the outside of the building. >> complaints against the building go back years including concerns of blocked exits and other fire hazards. tonight it's unclear if a sprinkler system was ever installed. new trouble for united
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airlines, flight 170 from newark, new jersey, got set to take off for venice, italy, last night and then this happened. look at the wing. jet fuel pouring out of the left wing right onto the tarmac. that flight had to return to the gate. passengers were rebooked on other flights. united airlines said that plane has been taken out of service. now to the one happy story in the news tonight, more than 1 million members of dub nation will pack the streets of okayhand tomorrow for the big warriors vic -- oakland tomorrow for the big warriors victory parade. christin ayers already met a few. >> reporter: you can see the alameda county courthouse lit up in blue and gold. we are just steps from where the parade will end and the rally begin. there are people camped out tonight because tomorrow morning this area will be filled with 1.5 million people. tyrone jones is a die hard
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warriors fan, once a towel boy for the we believe warriors, he told us he had to be first in line for tomorrow's championship rally. >> there's going to be a lot of people out here, so i wanted to get us a good spot. >> reporter: so he and his friends brought their lawn chairs, technologies and extra layers. >> i have to see steph curry and kd. >> reporter: until tomorrow at noon this patch of grass near lake merritt is home. >> i might get a few mosquito bites or maybe other few rodents, but i'm a little scared, but i got these guys here to help me and encourage me to be here for the nba champions. >> reporter: the city of oakland is expecting 1.5 million people to crowd the streets of oakland for the parade, 500,000 more than in 2015. >> this year we clinched
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another championship, so everybody is super excited. >> reporter: oakland is gearing up for it. the artists known as the ill luminaries spent a few hours painting a fresh mural at the starting line outside the marriott hotel. >> we wanted something for people to take a photo with the trophy because nobody gets to see the trophy from hundreds of yards away in crowds. >> reporter: tonight crews are setting up barriers and porta- potties along the route. they talked about rejecting an invite to the trump white house. >> i personally think it would be the right thing to me. >> reporter: mvp kevin durant said he got a text message of congratulations from barack obama, when asked if president trump texted him? >> hell, no. >> reporter: fans may already be pulling together and camping out on the grass tonight, but the city is saying officially fans will be allowed to start lining up at shake lake shore
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and 12th -- at lake shore and 12th street at 5 a.m. tomorrow. >> the parade starts in old oakland at 10 a.m. traveling through downtown to the big rally at lake merritt. some fans are already there as we just saw, but you can sleep in and still catch all the action from every angle. kpix5 will bring it all to you live starting at 9:30. >> are both of you anchoring? >> i'm anchoring, but liz is willing to come in, if needed. >> i'm sure at a moment's notice. it will be fun tomorrow. a live look east from the transamerica pyramid and the bay bridge, 70 at concord, 68 oakland, 55 degrees in san francisco, 55 actually the lows for much of the bay area tonight.
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sun-up tomorrow morning 13 minutes before 6 a.m. with a few high clouds around the bay area. high pressure is right over the top allowing the little moisture to move into our neck of the woods. up here it's rain for seattle. for us we'll see a few high clouds mixed with sunshine. by this weekend the number edged into the hundreds. there's an excessive heat watch posted for friday, saturday, sunday and probably into next week, too, because these really warm temperatures don't abate much as we head into next week. mostly clear tonight, tomorrow about the same as today and that means the parade of champions about mid-parade temperature temperature77 degrees. san mateo county fair is going on, 82, sunny and warm with a few high clouds. now we're climbing ahead of where we usually are this time of year, 87 concord, 82 san jose,
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79 for oakland. near 90 degrees in the warmest spots inland with 90 at brentwood, antioch and fairfield. north bay looks nice, mid-80s unless you're close to the shore line or at the beach, stinson beach just 67 tomorrow and plenty warm foray tie ya and lake port -- for ukiah and lake port tomorrow. by the weekend the numbers will be as much as 20 degrees higher inland. we hit 100 on saturday, father's day 102, monday 102, tuesday 102 all the way to next week. so we've got a little heatwave coming up. >> i heard tuesday is actually 103. >> really? >> got a little thermometer out there. >> you will not notice. >> have a good time tomorrow. >> i will, thank you. san francisco pride is coming up.
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tonight we'll see how goats are getting the hillside ready for this familiar symbol. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with on kpix5.
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>> already that time of year san francisco pride is next week. >> tonight an arm of four- legged landscapers are hard at work helping the city prepare. sf public works tweeted out this video today. it's hired a herd goats to clear the twin peaks hillside for the installation of the iconic pink triangle. when they're done, it will look a little something like this. >> there you go. >> maybe they should be shaving the air at the golf course tomorrow for the u.s. open. who do you like? >> dustin johnson. >> why are golfers complaining about the open conditions already? two days after winning the
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championship, one warrior is jumping ship to arrival. you know what i could go for right now?
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had been serving as an advisor, is leaving golden state for a similar postion with the los big news out of warrior camp tonight. jerry west who had been serving as an advisor is leaving golden state for a similar position with the los angeles clippers. kevin durant said his phone is going off nonstop with
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congratulatory texts from everyone from an ex-president to an ex-girl friend. >> i had 200 texts. i never had that many text messages. president obama sent a text through somebody to get to me which that was incredible. my high school girl friend texted me and congratulated me, kind of weird. i didn't know she had my number. >> never go back, right, ken? giants and royals have fallen a long way since meeting in the 2014 world series. johnny cueto gave up back to back jacks, bone takes yo allowed -- bonifacio allowed five runs against his former team. kansas city 7-2. that day in miami to this fan's surprise jacob rugman throwing out souvenirs. a's led 4-0, but miami top four hitters drove in 11 runs including that man, marcell
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ozuna. miami won 11-6. a's have nine road wins. the u.s. open begins tomorrow at aaron hills in wisconsin and this week players have complained about the length of the rough which led officials to cut back some of the grass. ) >> usually when you hear people complain, it's one less thing you have to worry. >> we have 60 yards from left line to right line. you've got 156 of the best players in the world here. in we can't hit it within that avenue, you may as well pack your bags and go home. >> sergio will
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tomorrow m late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> that's right. 9:30, be there with us live for the parade
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